Brewster, MA
18-Hole Women's Association
               All scores for the following Association events are
                     to be posted as 'T' (tournament) scores.

The Memorial:  Played in memory of deceased members of the 18-Hole  
     Women's  Association. 2 rounds of individual net stroke play held on
     consecutive Tuesdays. The winner's name is engraved on
The Memorial
     trophy. Winner & runner-up prizes are presented at the Annual

Match Play: Golfers must commit to 3 matches (& possibly a 'play-in'  
     match). The field is divided into flights based on the # of entrants
     & their handicap indexes. Players in each flight are randomly seeded
     to determine pairings; matches are then scheduled by the players.
     The winner of each flight is given a prize at the Annual Meeting.

Member-Member: Played on the day of the Annual Meeting. Four-ball
     format (best ball of the twosome). Gross & net prizes are awarded
     at the Annual Meeting that follows the luncheon.
'Solheim Cup':  Net team match play. 2010 - 1st year of competition with
     Ocean Edge WGA. Winning team gets possession of the 'Solheim Cup'
     trophy for the ensuing year.

     Format:  1st 6 holes  Better Ball of the partners (4-ball)
                  2nd 6 holes  2 Person Scramble
                  3rd 6 holes  Alternate Shot  Partners decide who will tee off
                  on odd # holes & who will tee off on even # holes; shots are
                  then alternated through the hole.

     Teams:   Team of 16 players/club representing A, B, C & D flights.
                  Players chosen by random draw w/in each flight.
                  Players compete as 2some vs. 2some. Each format is
                  worth 1 point for the winning 2some; ties earn 1/2 point.
                  Maximum points = 24.

Any Captains woman AFP can sign up for Spring Teams & Fall Cup. You
     must belong to WGAM to participate. To join, go to

Spring Teams:  The Women's Golf Association of Massachusetts (WGAM)
     sponsors Spring Teams. Teams of 5 golfers compete against other
     golfers in net match play. The matches are scheduled for the last
     Thursday in April & the first 4 Thursdays in May.

     The Captains is a member club of WGAM & sends a team. The team
     consists of the 5 women with the lowest handicap indexes of those
     who sign up. Players are responsible for the $32/pp entry fee, cart
     fees, lunch fees, & other miscellaneous costs.

Fall Cup:  Participating clubs, divided into Regional Cups, play 18-hole
     (net) matches against other teams in the same cup. Regional Cup
     winning teams qualify for the club championship in Oct.

     Each player on the team pays $20 to compete in the FALL CUP.
     At each match players pay for lunch even if they don't stay. Cart
     fees are required even if you choose to walk (where allowed).

     Each team consists of 6 players who play as 2somes in a better ball
     of partners Nassau. The front 9, back 9 & 18-hole scores are each
     worth 1 pt. to the winners; 1/2 pt. is given to both 2somes if tied.

     To be eligible for the 2016 Fall Cup you need to have a hcp. index of
     30.4 or less as of 8/15/16 & enter 8 scores from the Northeast region
     in 2016.

     The teams consist of the 12 women with the lowest handicap indexes
     of those who sign up.
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