*An extraordinary 'C' score is one with a differential (the number displayed
     to the right of each score in the computer) that is 3 or more strokes lower
     than your index.  The differential is like your handicap index - it normalizes
     scores to a common level of difficulty, since some courses are more
     challenging than others.

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USGA 2020
Rules of Handicapping
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                      Posting Scores as 'C', Competition Scores

Competition scores can be stroke play, match play, or four-ball. The Mem./Gst., Mem./Mem., Memorial rd. 1 & 2, & Assn. match play are to be posted in the handicap system as competition scores; they'll appear in the system with a 'C' next to the score.
If you pick up because you're out of the hole (or concede a hole in match play), you must still post a competition score.  Take the score you most likely would have made had you finished the hole, no higher than your net double bogey. 

Most of the time, a 'C' score will have no impact on your handicap.  An
'R' next to your handicap index means an adjustment has been made to your index.  This happens if you have posted 2 extraordinary* 'C' scores in the 12 month period or within the current 20 scores used to calculate your handicap.

The reduction is based on how much lower the scores are & how many competition scores you have posted in the last 12 months.  The reduction is greater if you have very few competition scores.  The reduction will continue until either your normal level of play improves so that one of the scores is no longer extraordinary, or if the competition score is older than 12 months.
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