18-HOLE WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION BY-LAWS

  ARTICLE I.  NAME:  This group shall be called THE CAPTAINS GOLF COURSE

  ARTICLE II.  OBJECT:  The purpose is to meet for weekly golf tournaments and other
  related activities.


  1. Any adult female who is an Annual Fee Player at the Captains Golf  Course, and has
  a  current (less than one year old) GHIN index equating to a 36 handicap on the Port
  course at the Captains Golf Course is eligible for membership.  Members must pay
  GHIN fees to the Captains Golf Course and have their handicap data filed in the
  Captains Golf Course computer system.
  2.*Adult membership is defined as age 18 and above. A female under the age of 18
  may petition the Association for membership. A decision will be made by the Executive
  Board on a case-by-case basis. Only those members of the Association age 18 and
  above are eligible to play in the Association championship.

                                               (*Article III amended April 2012; Sec. 2 added)
Brewster, MA
18-Hole Women's Association


  ·PRESIDENT:  The president shall preside at all meetings of the Executive board and
  all general meetings.  She shall appoint the chairwomen for all standing committees
  and serve as assistant treasurer.
·VICE PRESIDENT:  The vice-president shall act in place of the president and she
  shall assist the president whenever necessary.
·SECRETARY:  The secretary shall be responsible for recording all meetings and
  preparing all Association correspondence.  Copies of the secretary’s minutes shall be
  given to the Golf Commission.
·TREASURER:  The treasurer shall collect all dues and keep complete records of all
  expenditures approved by the Executive board.  She shall report monthly to the
  Executive board.
                                  (Articles V amended August 2017)

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  3.*Any woman who was a member and has not allowed her
  membership to lapse for twelve (12) years, or is at least eighty
  years old and has been a member in good standing for five years,
  shall be eligible to continue her membership, regardless of her handicap.
  4. To maintain membership in the Association, a member must play a minimum of
  six (6) weekly tournaments.  An exemption from this rule may be granted a member
  by a majority vote of the Executive board.
  5. To maintain membership, a member must serve as an officer or on a committee at
  least once every two (2) years.  Those members 80 or over who choose not to
  volunteer must notify the Vice President in writing.
  6. Annual dues are payable February 15 each year or upon joining the association
  during the golf season.
  7. An 18-Hole member may not belong to the 9-Hole Association at the same time
  unless she is a Social member of one of the Associations.
                                               (*Article III, Sec. 3 amended August 2017)

  IV.  OFFICERS:  The officers of the Association shall be a president, a vice-
  president, a secretary, and a treasurer.  The officers shall serve for two years
  beginning January 1.  Incoming and outgoing officers shall share duties between
  October 1 and December 31.  Only the secretary and treasurer may serve for
  more than two (2) consecutive years.
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