* Association members must have a USGA handicap maintained at The Captains; the handicap season starts April 1st.

* Be sure to post all scores made in locations where the handicap season is active. If you use the same GHIN # down south & at The Captains, the scores will carry over.

* If you complete: 13 or more holes - post an 18-hole score
                           At least 7 holes - post a 9-hole score

* For holes you don't complete: Post PAR + HCP STROKES you would
   have received on those holes.
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* Your Hcp. Index will now be based on the average of your 8 best scores of your 20 most recent.  Your Hcp. Index will be revised daily,
so be sure to post your score right after you finish your round.       

* No More Equitable Stroke Control. Your new Max Score for handicap purposes is Net Double Bogey.
        Net Double Bogey = Par + 2 + any hcp. strokes you receive

FAQs from the USGA about the World Handicap System
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18-Hole Women's Association
NEW in 2020!  The World Handicap System
* The USGA and R&A enacted a major modernization of the Rules of Golf  in 2019.  Click here for a complete review of the changes.

                                        Captains' Local Rules

* If your ball is in a footprint in a bunker it is considered ground under repair. You are allowed to replace the ball within one club-length no
nearer the hole without penalty. However the ball must remain in the bunker.

* The woods on the left side of the cart path near the water on Port #8 are a Lateral Hazard. If you hit a ball up into the woods, you may choose to take a one stroke penalty and drop the ball within 2 club lengths of where you crossed the red "line" into the hazard (no closer to the hole).  You do not need to find the ball to take the penalty and drop.  This lets you take a drop in the grass to the right of the cart path.
USGA & Captains Local Rules