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   1, 2, 3    1 best ball on the 1st 6 holes, 2 best balls on the next 6 holes,
     & 1 gross & 1 net on the last 6 holes (2 diff. balls).
   5's - 4's - 3's    Use 1 score on par 5s, 2 on par 4s, 1 gross & 1 net on par 3s
    (2 diff. balls on par 3s)
   Corners    1 bb Net & 1 bb Gross (diff. balls) on corner holes; 2 bb on others
   Odd / Even    1 best ball on odd # holes, 2 best balls on even # holes
   One Front / Two Back    1 best ball on front 9, 2 best balls on back 9
   Red/Wht./Yellow  NEW    1 bb on holes with Red flags, 2 bb on holes with Wht. flags
     & 1 bb Net & 1 bb Gross (2 diff. balls) on holes with Yellow flags
   Team Nassau w/ 2 BB    Prizes for best front 9 / best back 9 / best overall
   Member/Member    Better-ball of partners (four-ball stroke play). Scores entered as 'C'
   Handicap Stroke Play    Medal play at full or partial (95 or 100%) hcp. The Memorial is a
    2-day net stroke play tourn. All  Memorial scores are 'C ' scores
   Assoc. Match Play    Flighted net tournament; each flight is seeded by random draw.
     Brackets & results are posted online & on the Assoc. bulletin bd.
     Players schedule their own matches.  If a match is even after 18
     holes, talk to the starter; he'll put you out on #1 for extra holes.
     Holes can be won, lost or halved.  Matches can't end in ties,
     there must be a winner. You may not need to play all 18 holes.
  'Solheim Cup'    Annual net team match play, flighted.  16 players (8 teams of 2)
       selected by random draw to compete vs. opposing team.
        Play 6 holes of Alternate Shot, 6 holes of Better Ball, &
         6 holes of Scramble.
18-Hole Women's Association