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   1, 2, 3    1 best ball on the 1st 6 holes, 2 best balls on the next 6 holes,
     & 1 gross & 1 net on the last 6 holes (2 diff. balls).
   5's - 4's - 3's    Use 1 score on par 5s, 2 on par 4s, 1 gross & 1 net on par 3s
    (2 diff. balls on par 3s)
   Corners    1 bb Net & 1 bb Gross (diff. balls) on corner holes; 2 bb on others
   Odd / Even    1 best ball on odd # holes, 2 best balls on even # holes
   One Front / Two Back    1 best ball on front 9, 2 best balls on back 9
   Red/Wht./Yellow  NEW    1 bb on holes with Red flags, 2 bb on holes with Wht. flags
     & 1 bb Net & 1 bb Gross (2 diff. balls) on holes with Yellow flags
   Team Nassau w/ 2 BB    Prizes for best front 9 / best back 9 / best overall
   Member/Member    Better-ball of partners (four-ball stroke play). Scores entered as 'C'
   Handicap Stroke Play    Medal play at full or partial (95 or 100%) hcp. The Memorial is a
    2-day net stroke play tourn. All  Memorial scores are 'C ' scores
   Assoc. Match Play    Flighted net tournament; each flight is seeded by random draw.
     Brackets & results are posted online & on the Assoc. bulletin bd.
     Players schedule their own matches.  If a match is even after 18
     holes, talk to the starter; he'll put you out on #1 for extra holes.
     Holes can be won, lost or halved.  Matches can't end in ties,
     there must be a winner. You may not need to play all 18 holes.
     Examples of reporting Match Results: 3&2 (3 holes up with 2 to go)
     5 & 4 (5 holes up with 4 to go), 1 up (won on the 18th hole
  'Solheim Cup'    Annual net team match play, flighted.  16 players (8 teams of 2)
       selected by random draw to compete vs. opposing team.
        Play 6 holes of Alternate Shot, 6 holes of Better Ball, &
         6 holes of Scramble.
18-Hole Women's Association