1. Any member of good standing in the Association is eligible to play in the weekly
  tournaments.  To remain in good standing, a member must conduct herself in a
  manner acceptable to the Association.

  2. To be eligible to play in a major tournament (such as Member/Guest,
  Member/Member, or Association Championships - Memorial and Match Play
  tournaments), a member must have played in at least two (2) weekly
  tournaments in the current season.  (An exception to this rule may be made
  by the executive board if a major tournament is to be held in the spring
  or early summer.)

  3.A guest at the Member/Guest Tournament must be a woman who is not a current
  member of the Captains Golf Course 18-Hole Women’s Association, who either has a
  current USGA handicap, has a temporary handicap determined by the Handicap chair,
  or plays at scratch.
                                                                          (*Article IX, Sec. 2 amended August 2017)


  1. Committees shall consist of the following:  tournament, membership, prizes,
  publicity, rules, special events/social, sunshine, and any other committees as the
  president may decide.
  2. A committee may be eliminated by a majority vote of the Executive board.


  1.The Executive board shall consist of the elected officers of the Association,
  the member-at-large (who will be the outgoing president), and the Scheduling
  Coordinator (non-voting member).

  2. The Executive board shall meet at least once a year to create a budget
  for the next season and as deemed necessary by the President.
. The Executive board shall also meet at least once each month from April
  through October at the Association members' monthly meeting.
(*Article VII, Sec. 1, 2 &3 amended August 2017)


  The president shall appoint a nominating committee, consisting of three members to
  prepare a slate of officers to be presented at the general meeting.  At this time,
  nominations may be made from the floor.  If there is only one nominee for each office,
  election of officers by acclamation shall take place at this meeting.  If there are
  nominations from the floor, the president shall appoint a member to conduct a written

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  ARTICLE X.  FISCAL YEAR:  The fiscal year of the Association shall be January 1
  through December 31.

  ARTICLE XI.  AMENDMENT OF BY-LAWS:  These by-laws may be amended at any
  general meeting of the Association or by written ballot.  An amendment may be
  passed by a majority vote of the members, provided that the amendment has been
  previously submitted in writing to all members of the Association.

  November 1996
  Effective January 1, 1997

  Amended October 1997, August 1999, August 2000, August 2003, August 2004,
  August 2008, August 2010, April 2012, August 2012, August 2014, August 2017

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