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Member/Guest Tournament  Results
Closest to the Line (on the line!): Sandy Ulrich

Best Animal Costume Worn by a Golfer Team: Jan Lovewell,
     Mary Duvall, Judy Barnstead & Priscilla Johnston

1st Low Gross at 159:  Mardee Verdina, Linda Nichols, Cindy
     Bingham & Regina McIntosh
2nd Low Gross at 163:  Sharon Hart, Mary C. Jones, Robin
     Hayes & Sheila Stackhouse

1st Low Net at 127:  Joanne Hughes, Carol Arakelian, Jean
     Bassett & Maisie Wall
2nd Low Net at 129:  Judy McCarthy, Jane Cotter, Chris
     Cochis & Charline Smith
3rd Low Net at 129:  Pat Eggers, Nancy Lee, Terry Vergobbe
     & Wendy Ustach
4th Low Net at 130:  Peggy Jablonski, Marybeth Lamb, Lois
     Adams & Sharon Shaw
5th Low Net at 130:  Jane Samiotes, Judy Harrison, & Claire Karvonen

**2nd & 3rd and 4th & 5th places were determined by matching cards**


                                            The real winner is the
                                               Brewster branch of the
Thank You Barbara, Paige, & Sarah!