18-Hole Women’s Association
                                        Guidelines for Tournament Coordinators
                            The Member-at-Large is Liaison to Tournament Coordinators

          General Guidelines for All Major Tournaments:

           ·  With the exception of the ‘Solheim Cup’ all major tournaments benefit a charity or non-profit.  With
              the exception of the ‘Cuda’ benefit, Coordinators choose the tournament charity/non-profit, the scope
              of the charity component, and a theme for their tournament.
                         The central focus should be the tournament, not the charity/non-profit.
          · The Assoc. subsidizes all major tournaments.  The subsidy is to be used to cover operating costs
               (i.e. decorations, prizes, food).  Any unused portion of the subsidy will be returned to the Assoc.
          ·  Raffle &/or auction money: 100% will go to the charity/non-profit
              Honey Pot &/or other contest money:   50% will go to the winner & 50% to the Association
·  Coordinators are responsible for taking photographs at their event (for slideshow, camera supplied).
·  All events should have signup & payment deadlines clearly posted.
·  Communicate all information (e.g. deadlines, reminders, results) to the webmaster for the website.
·  Mail printed copy of e-mail flier to every full & social member without e-mail.
          ·  Events with lunch should post the menu & have a ‘lunch only’ cost.  See the 18-Hole Assoc. Food
              Service Guidelines for important info. Please be sure to notify Social members of those events.
          ·  Space should be provided on signup sheets to indicate additional pertinent information (e.g. dietary
              concerns, playing partners, GHIN #s for Guests).
          ·  Tournaments with only individual prizes (Memorial Round 1, Cuda) should also have a ‘game within a
               game’ such as 2 Best Ball Net so team prizes can be awarded.
          ·  Make sure that there are skill contests appropriate to all handicap levels (e.g. Longest Drive, flights
               AB; Closest to the Line, flights CD).
          ·  After the event, Coordinators should:
                     1.   Complete the treasurer’s report (template) summarizing all expenses
(carts, food, prizes, misc.)
                           fees charged, revenue from contests/raffles, and amount of Assn. subsidy used;
                     2.   Write a report for the member-at-large that lists prizes, menu, deadlines; include copies of
                           posters, scorecard, treasurer’s report & other paperwork that would be helpful to the following
                           year’s coordinators.

          Member-Guest (golf pro):
·  Association subsidy: $1100*         (*as of May 25, 2021)
           ·  30% of the field should receive tournament prizes (Pro Shop credit).  Award: 2 Gross team prizes +
               ? # Net team prizes (# varies with size of field) = 30%.
·  Each skill contest should be held on 2 separate holes, 1 for members & 1 for guests.
·  Scores are posted as ‘C’, competition, scores. No Mulligans or strings should be sold.
           ·  In 2 best balls of foursome (i.e. M-G), play is at 95% of course handicap.
·  4somes must have 2 mbrs. & 2 gsts. or 1 mbr. & 3 gsts., not 4 Association members.
·  The full guest fee is charged for Captains GC members playing as guests.

         Member-Member (Assoc. sched. coord.):
·  Association subsidy: $1100*          (*as of May 25, 2021)
               “At least 50% of the allotted money for the Member/Member Tournament be used to defray the cost
               for the luncheon and cart fees.”
(minutes of 10/27/11 Board mtg.)

           ·  30% of the field should receive tournament prizes (Pro Shop credit). Award: 2 Gross team prizes +
               ?# Net team prizes (# varies with size of field) = 30%.
           ·  There should be skill contests appropriate to all handicap levels (e.g. Longest Drive, flights AB; Closest
               to the Line, flights CD).
·  If a Closest to the Pin skill contest is held there should be 2 separate holes (1 for flts. AB/1 for flts. CD).
·  Scores are posted as ‘C’, competition, scores. No mulligans or strings should be sold.
·  If a raffle is held, do not draw & announce each winner.
           ·  Assoc. perpetual trophies should be on display (pros have cabinet key). The Memorial trophy should
               be presented to the winner.
           ·  Play is better-ball of partners (four-ball stroke play) at 95% course handicap.*

         Cuda Tournament:
·  Benefit for the Ellen & Richard Cuda Women’s Health Center in Hyannis. Ellie Cuda was a founding
               member of the Women’s Association.
           ·  Association subsidy:        $ 175
           ·  Award individual low gross & low net prize ($25 ea. Pro Shop credit) funded by the Association; players
               must putt out to be eligible. The individual net scores are at 100% hcp.
           ·  If Drive like a Pro is used it should be done from the red tees. Sell tokens before the start so no one
               needs to collect $ at the hole.
           ·  If they choose, coordinators may solicit hole sponsors (holes ‘in honor/memory of’), have raffles, etc. to
               raise additional $ for the Cuda Center.

$23 entry fee ($20 for Cuda Ctr./$3 for team prize pool); a team game will be played.
       o  Entry fee is non-refundable. If a registered player must cancel, she may ask another player to take
           her place.
       o  Entry fee payable to CGC 18-Hole Women’s Assn. must be received by the treasurer by 5pm on the
           Wed. prior to the event. The treasurer will pay the prize pool $ to the Pro Shop.
       o  Tournament Coordinators are responsible for everything directly related to the Cuda (signups, posters,
            raffles, individual low gross & low net prizes, etc.).
       o  Monthly Coordinators are responsible for the ‘game within a game’: morning check-in, Birdie Pool,
           Chip-Ins, calculating team prize $, & winners’ summary sheets. Don’t collect $3/player.

   ‘Solheim Cup’ Invitational:
       ·  Association subsidy: $150*          (*as of Feb. 2020)
       ·  Team is chosen by a random draw (within each flight) so that all members have an equal opportunity
           to participate*.  The team should consist of players with handicaps in all four flights.
·  The random draw time/place should be announced in advance to the membership.
               * Those who sign up but haven’t been chosen for 3 consecutive years will have their names entered in
         the lottery 2x.  Those who’ve played 2 consecutive years, if chosen again, will be alternates.
        ·  2 coordinators are needed
        ·  Another club will be invited to participate in the event at The Captains.
        ·  The winning club has the trophy engraved & keeps it for the ensuing year.                              
Rev. 6/21               

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