Participating clubs, divided into Regional Cups, play 18-hole (net) matches against
other teams in the same cup. Regional Cup winning teams qualify for the club
championship in Oct.

Each player on the team pays a fee to compete in the FALL CUP. At each match
players pay for lunch even if they don't stay. Cart fees are required even if you
choose to walk (where allowed).

Each team consists of 6 players who play as 2somes in a better ball of partners
Nassau. The front 9, back 9 & 18-hole scores are each worth 1 pt. to the winners;
1/2 pt. is given to both 2somes if tied.

To be eligible for the 2019 Fall Cup you need to have a hcp. index of 36.0 or less.

The teams consist of the 12 women with the lowest handicap indexes of those who
sign up, plus substitutes.
Team I 2019 Schedule & Results
Brewster, MA
18-Hole Women's Association
WGAM Fall Cup
  9/11 Wed. @ Captains    Captains 0.0 vs. Cran. Valley 0.0
  9/19 Thurs. @ Cran. Valley    Captains 0.0 vs. Hyannisport 0.0
  9/26 Thurs. @ Woods Hole    Captains 0.0 vs. Woods Hole 0.0
  10/16 Wed. @ CC National    Fall Cup State Championship
  Ridge Club 00.0
  Captains 2 00.0
  Pocasset 00.0
  OBF/Hyannis 00.0
Region 6 Standings
  9/10 Tues. @ Ridge Club    Captains 0.0 vs. Ridge Club 0.0
  9/19 Thurs. @ Captains    Captains 0.0 vs. Pocasset 0.0
  9/26 Thurs. @ Pocasset    Captains 0.0 vs. OBF/Hyannis 0.0
  10/16 Wed. @ CC National    Fall Cup State Championship
  Captains 1 00.0
  Cran. Valley 00.0
  Woods Hole 00.0
  Hyannisport 00.0
Team II 2019 Schedule & Results
Region 2 Standings
L to R: Lea D., Jan B., Judy H.,
Mary Jo N., Chris Hdy., &
Joanne H.. at Olde Barnstable,
L to R:  Patti P., Ann D., Chris
Hdmn., Ann M., Sarah R., &
Paige F. at Hatherly, 9/27/18